An Overdue Hello

Yes, it has been a while since I have created any sort of post. In fact, it has been a while since I have posted anything personal on any sort of social media. Over the weekend I was email reminded that I had to renew this website within ninety days and it dawned on me that I neglect this freedom space. I haven’t reached out to many people besides my girlfriend and family within these past two years. This website has been forgotten, and hadn’t been out to connect with the hobby that I’ve met so many people. I mean it was all for good reason.

Most should know that I moved back to Southern California a little over two years ago with Tina. I was humbly living in Sacramento, but I really wasn’t setting long term goals or progressing myself. I am thankful for family to welcome me back, love, support, and glad I continued school. I progressed quickly with a certain Swedish retailer, becoming part of their store design team and hopeful to set goals. It was great experience along with advanced education, but what would become of it after the next phase?

The past few months I have been interning at a well established architecture firm. I just got promoted and asked to join the team full time, and for once I can see a long term goal. I can actually utilize my education that I worked through and become a certified designer (something I could never achieve with retail experience). This firm has a wealth of knowledge willing to educate me, very well respected within the industry, and just a great group of individuals without being drowned out in a corporate company.

As for this blog, it will be a personal goal to get back into what I enjoyed so much. I still have the xB that so many have known me for, Tina gladly commutes around town in it. I have a new project however. Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen. Yes, I got a european car at last. Many great friends and more people I know are within the euro community. I was deciding an older car, but I needed the reliability of a new car. I had waited a while and knew Volkswagen was bringing the varient/wagon platform of their golf family and couldn’t be happier with it so far. I hadn’t been great at picking up my original hobby of photography. As another personal goal, I will bring out the camera more often and get back into the photoshop and editing. Anyways, sorry for the rant but its fun to see a lot of people around the world viewing the blog. I took the wagon out today before sunset by a bike trail i visit often and snapped some photos. This post wouldn’t be complete without some edits.



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  1. Joseph Rico

    Good to hear from you!

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