Joes xB2 .3

Buddy Joe wanted to do another shoot of his recently acquired set of SSR Vienna Kreis rim set. After months or waiting for the right set to come up for sale (and me not giving up my set of SSR Vienna Spokes (Sorry Joe!)) he finally pulled the trigger with fitted widths and offsets for his second generation Scion xB. Made a video for a quick glance of the set a few posts back, and got together to just relax and do a shoot in a building downtown Sac.

The HFD brothers came together and helped Joe get his coil overs adjusted just right. He only wanted a simple roll of fenders, no crazy fender work, to get his fitment. You always have to smile at a perfect set of wheels to fit a car.

Hood art was done by HFD brother/originator Pong himself (he does have artwork for sale/ artwork can be done for you. Message or comment me for information). Can’t wait to see where Joe takes the next step for his xB.


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