Mind of T x HFD Meet and Greet

I hosted my first ever car meet yesterday and to much enjoyment and surprise the overall turn out was more than I had expected. Well over two hundred cars and even more people were in attendance getting together at the West Sacramento IKEA parking lot.
I had requested permission and a few months ago to hold a parking lot to gather fellow enthusiasts expecting around a hundred of my friends around the Sacramento area. A couple weeks after creating a simple Facebook event page and send the invites, the overall invite list was well over nineteen hundred people! It was great meeting tons of people and having cars drive out from all over Northern California region. Anywhere from San Jose, East Bay, Stockton, Redding, photographers and builders showed tremendous support for my first ever meet hosting along with my HFD brothers.
Throughout the day most was spent meeting new faces and talking to others. I tried capturing an overall mood of the cars that came out and managed to create a short video. One thing I need to learn is to manage to get the exposure I feel comfortable shooting an event, as this meet I only captured a few photos and videos. Anyway, thank you all that supported my first event, it definitely will not be my last event hosting. Now on to my video and photos-

Always love seeing this MK3 VW in person. The paint with the color matched OZ wheels and the subtle interior is always a complete package.

Always glad to see the TNT Autobody family. Showing full support with their amazing show builds.

Always a great sight to see a diverse group of car builds in a meet.

The diverse Scion community showing support for the Scion owner myself.

Always good seeing Mr. vipdout.com James Church and any one of his show quality builds at a meet.

By far my favorite Lexus LS, any year.

Hope to do it again.


  1. Katy Smoak

    Those were awesome pics, Todd. Congratulations on hosting a wonderful event.

  2. Jimmy Schmdt

    Get any shots of the Panty and Stocking G35?

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