SlamBurglars: Frame Bang Hang 2013

I was invited to a BBQ and gathering of car enthusiasts held at Treasure Island near San Francisco this past Saturday. Amazingly my work schedule allowed myself the whole weekend off and the weather just couldn’t be any better. Palm trees, water and city back grounds reminded me a lot like home in Southern California all day. It has been a few minutes since I have taken photos, even a video, at a car gathering so it was nice to be back in the grove of being an automotive photographer again. Here are some of the photos, video will be edited soon.



I always enjoy seeing a well done Toyota Cressida. Love the body style with the old school flare they hold, and this build held a Toyota 1JZ and sat nicely on Work Meister wheels.


MemoryFab custom wheels are slowly itching my liking after seeing many models on the web and now in person.


I nearly contemplated this wheel face design when I was selecting my wheel set on my VIP Modulars, they seem to complement the big brake design nicely without too large of an opening to exaggerate the brakes. I always enjoy the splash of color Henry chose with his set on his Lexus IS.




This Toyota Corolla was in near mint condition, not a huge fan of the wheel choice but I was a fan of the fitment.




OZ Futura wheels always look good on any car platform.

It has been a minute since Ive seen GarageStar Ken, even haven’t seen his new shop Miata in person until the BBQ, always a favorite with his choice of SSR mesh wheels.

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