WaterWerks on the Bay: Remaining

These photos are the last set of my coverage of WaterWerks on the Bay. Can not wait to be a part of next year’s festival, and maybe I will try and see if I can make the commute up north to the Pacific NorthWest for next years WaterWerks on the Green.

Loved the 3SDM wheels on this mk4 GLI. My buddy needs a set on his tC.

Group of Audi’s had great selection of wheel choices.

Can not wait until my next wheel set, currently if anyone is interested in my current SSR Vienna Spokes can email me at toddnakanishi@gmail.com.

Much respect for an air-cooled mk1 making the journey down from Washington.

Usually not much of a fan for Corrado’s but this one caught my eye as it approached the outdoor parking.

Car limbo is always a must see event at WaterWerks.


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