WaterWerks on the Bay: Showcase

Continuing my photo coverage of WaterWerks on the Bay!

Kawika’s mk6, really love the air suspension able to tuck all the rims into the wells.

Not your average Radio Flyer

Not many cars can pull off gold plated wheels

Local Sacramento mk3 owners

Seemingly popular wheel color lately

Rich’s mk3 on my old set of SSR Vienna’s. Lots planned for this VW

Diverse wheel selection, always a sight at any European event

Bernie’s mk6 on HRE 454’s, be sure to check out the next main European Festival in Southern California: Oktoberfest! I’ll be there

At least one european exotic must be in show, can’t say I have ever seen a Noble in person until this weekend.

Great looking Audi TT

First time I saw this mk4 was last year’s Oktoberfest, I’m sure I’ll see him again soon.

Still have more coverage to come!


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