WaterWerks on the Bay: The Setup

Communities exists beyond where you reside in a neighborhood. Found in a multitude of groups and genres, communities bring strangers together and transform friendships into family. The European car community throughout the world is vastly different than domestic and import scene. Now I know I haven’t been involved with automotive for very long, but I know enough to see the difference between all car communities. Now I certainly will not favor one over the other, and I feel everyone that I surround myself with can see that with my personality.
European community hosts not only car shows like everyone else, but what makes them different is not only shows but turn into car festivals. Not just a one day event, maybe six or seven hours from set up to giving out awards, but weekend long events. Not only does this community set up these events, this scene brings together people from all over the country to a single area. Sure, some may drive hours to the annual SEMA expo in Las Vegas. But I rarely see others drive twelve, sixteen, even thirty hours to spend a weekend with friends and family brought together for a common purpose, an Automotive Festival for builders and enthusiasts.
WaterWerks is normally hosted in the Pacific Northwest. This year, hosts and friends expanded the event down south to Northern California in San Francisco Bay. From Washington, Nevada, Southern California, Colorado, even Canada, people gather to a common area to celebrate friends rarely seen, and builders converse together bouncing ideas off each other.
It was a weekend of beautiful bay area weather, amazing cars, and great friends. I took many pictures, even captured video coverage, for this momentous event. Lots of editing still to be done, so this event will be displayed in multiple parts.

Thomas Sport Tuning is local Bay Area shop. They brought a great display of VolksWagons for the weekend.

Briefly talked to the owner of this 996 Porsche GT3, put a smile on my face when he said he daily drives it in the city and takes it to the track at least ten times a year.

After seeing many pictures online, I was glad to see BroadWay Static’s BMW vert M3 e36 at this event. beautiful combination of wheel choice, brake setup, and color.

Sacramento local mk3 owner Serge made the trip.

Webb’s mk2 made the drive from Southern California.

Another local owner Zach displayed his newly acquired BBS wheels.

Project Odyssey and the Black Pearl A8 hosting all the way from Washington.

Lots more photos to come!


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