Avila Motoring Invitational

My car and I had the honor to be invited by the Stance|Works crew to their show, the Avila Motoring Invitational, at Avila Beach Golf Resort in Avila Beach California. The lady and I decided to make a vacation instead of just a weekend event since both of us have family in Southern California.
The Avila Motoring Invitational was a spectacular venue right on the greens of the beach golf resort. Met lots of new people, spent great times with friends, and enjoyed every minute with the lady. Much to my surprise, the Stance|Works crew and Accuair Company awarded my Mint Green xB and I Best in Show. So again many thanks to everyone.
To say the least, we both had an amazing weekend spent with friends, weather, cars, and family. I took quite a few photos throughout the day at Avila, so I will section of sets of pictures as I finish editing them.

Throughout the day, visitors both golfers and beach attenders walked around the showcase.

One can never get enough of Mark P’s mark four.

Stance|Works E9

Don’t see eight series modified everyday

Loved the Vip Modular Porsche

Corolla Wagon Love

Yes, side exhaust

That mark five tuck

Rotiform Porsche

Wide Z is wide

One of Rotiform’s newer projects, Volkswagon CC

Will continue to edit the rest of the photos, so expect at least another set coming soon.


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