HellaFlush XIII: First Run Through

One of the major influences in the Import car scene without doubt is Fatlace. Split into a few subdivisions, HellaFlush and Slammed Society is more car event/ car feature oriented and this past weekend was my first HellaFlush event I was able to attend. I dont think there was much screening of cars, as there were a few too many cars I felt that were not up to par as far as a build to really showcase. But again, that is just my opinion for a major showcase event. I enjoyed the day hanging out with friends, shooting photos, and talking to new faces about my xB build.
Here are some of the photos taken, a first set.

I always love seeing older body builds at events everywhere I go.

This Toyota Corolla on custom wheels was easily one of my favorites at the show.

First time seeing Matthew’s new wheels in person, Im always a huge fan of TE’s and his S2000 is the perfect body and color is perfect.

A great combination, white Work Equips on a gray Lexus IS.

Im a huge fan of Japanese wheels on European bodies. Volk TE’s again on this BMW

Really not a fan of the Work VS wheel line, but I really enjoyed the finish on this face.

Pretty much the view of the xB all day at the event.

Everyone, especially the lady, enjoys Corbin’s corgi whenever he brings him out, which is often.

Another day of good times, thanks to these gentlemen.


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