OktoberFest 2012 brought by Dub-Nation.com

Closely wrapping up this year is always the OktoberFest 2012 European Car Festival held in Big Bear Lake. Last year was the first year this event was held open to all makes and models, Imports and European, even Domestic builds are welcome. After driving down to attend with my buddies Rich and Sonny last year, I quickly realized how much this year I have grown both with my xB build and building friends and even fans of the blog. I had a great time last year without knowing anyone in the “Euro Scene”, and this year was just amazing meeting more people, talking with new friends, and just enjoying the awesome atmosphere OktoberFest brings.
One of those new friends this year is Bernie, event creator and builder of Projekt MK6 TDI Golf. I remember talking with my girlfriend Tina about how I met Bernie and how fast I quickly became involved promoting and being so known among this community of Euro car owners. He saw the photos I took and the video I made from last year’s OktoberFest, added me on Facebook, and just started talking from there. I was drawn into the crowd predominately by a man infamous among the West Coast Euro scene, Mike Tolliver, and talking with him at WekFest San Francisco earlier this year. Tolliver invited me to euro events and I kept bumping into Bernie. Ultimately he invited me to showcase at the OktoberFest booth in WusteFest, one of the biggest European Car Festivals on the West Coast held in Las Vegas. I think from that moment on we just became natural buddies and I always enjoy helping anyone with anything if I can.
Overall, I had an amazing time at OktoberFest this year and I know next year will only be better. Took a few quality photos, and more time will be spent on a video of this year’s event.

Webb’s mk2 always looking fresh

HRE wheels had a great booth of wheel assortments on display

This mk3 vr6 Cabrio from Arizona was awarded Best Fitment at OktoberFest. One of my many favorites at the show with a vr6 swap, fresh paint and re-upholstered interior.

Always a huge fan of CC’s on fresh Rotiform wheels

Mike Johnson’s “meaty” e30

And Mr. Johnson myself dressed up leaping to grab a free OktoberFest shirt

Buddy Rich participated and won the two liter Das Boot Beer Chug!

Of course Rich is always down to support the blog! Might set up a simple online shop so anyone, anywhere can receive a MInd of T sticker and support.

Always a favorite, Mark P’s mk4 GTI

SoCal HFD buddy Jonathan made the short trip up the mountains in his new project Camry

Another favorite, also lady driven!


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